Consortium for the bottom up implementation of regenerative, data smart communities in Africa

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Prosperity through organisation and supporting technology

By building an improved organisational operating system through evolving processes, we enable communities to develop their economic roles, lifestyle and their relationship with nature through Food Cooperatives and Smart Agri Villages where agriculture practices and housing infrastructure is optimised through innovations.

This is made possible by supporting technologies like OmniCO for collaboration, communication and trade, OmniDX which is an information exchange between OmniVerse.Africa partners to optimise resource usage and processes. For better access to systems connectivity will be provided by OmniNET community networks.

Whether your community wishes to create a food cooperative, smart agrivillage or make your entire city or region smarter, we have the team and platforms to enable you to be efficient organisations, that are data driven and aware of your contribution or impact on nature.

The purpose of the movement is to bridge communities seeking prosperity, with government objectives and investor opportunities.

Our Team

Meet our hardworking team.

Marius Snyman

Founder  & Lead Coordinator
(South Africa) 

Gregory Engelbrecht

Advisor / Coordinator OmniNET

Paul Elungat

Advisor / Coordinator: East Africa

Oliver Ndegwa

Advisor and Rain Maker

Bengt Olsson


Marvelous Matlou

(South Africa)

Berry Wessels

South Africa

Craig Collins

(South Africa) 

Dr John van Breda

Advisor (South Africa)

Tersius Rust

(South Africa) 

Dr Jakob Raffn


Bashanganyi Magwape