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prosperity for people and planet

OmniVerse.Africa is a consortium of many parties accross Africa that share a common objective to promote greater prosperity for people in harmony with the planet.

Below you will find some technical references to the approach for supporting platforms managed by Teclab for the corsortium: OmniCO, OmniNET and OmniDX.

To see the priciples that drives OmniVerse Africa please visit its website on

OmniVerse.Africa is our initiative for enabling smarter communities in Africa taking a bottom up approach and leveraging reward and profit as a driver for participation.

It is supported by a sound governance and business models for for participating community based organisations.

OmniVerse.Africa drives and supports projects in agriculture and housing (innovation and implementation), with an innovative organisational approach and business models to make projects investor friendly, while aligning with government plans and compliance standards. This focus helps to align efforts during the early stages of the orgnisations formation and development.

Teclab has the team and global partnerships to implement complex solutions to meet the requirements of businesses, cities and territories in their digital transformation (Digital transformation) processes. We wish to leverage this to support happier and more resilient communities that exist in harmony with all other beings and systems of the planet.


Our OmniCO (online and offline collaboration solution) bring together collaboration and interoperability for Smarter Communities which include individuals, businesses and municipalities (and other government bodies) to seemlessly coordinate decisions and implement plans, projects and deployment.

Having an organisation means we can align and implement with accountability, while a movement would have been to unstructured to achieve the same level of results and accountability.

You will find more information about the governance frameworks we build our organisation on here.

Our preferred communication platform is Element (on and our documents are shared on Google Drive.


OmniDX (standards based Data Exchange for interoperability)

A shared data exchange OmniDX is available for consent based information sharing in real-time between private individuals, businesses and government organisations.

All participants can be data producers and consumers.

It also offers spacio-temporal queries (that means location and timeseries data). So it also allows businesses to integrate with external partners and suppliers (more cost efficiently than a Private Exchange – which is also available from us).

Sharing data in this way provides the basis for smart applications that improve efficiencies in resource usage, better coordination in the sharing of resources, as well as offers an opprtunity internal systems and public apps that contribute to better quality of life and greater economic participation.

A marketplace for data, makes it possible to discover data sets and also to monetize data (this is a good driver for good data quality, using quality sensors and other inputs).

The MIMS framework of the OASC (Open and Agile Smart Cities) is the foundation of our work in OmniDX.

We intend to integrate with the International Data Spaces.

All data is shared on a consesus basis and data is organised by leveraging standardised Smart Data Models. A standardised API (NGSI-LD) makes interoperability in data sharing and integration possible at scale.


OmniNET (Software Defined Mesh Network) is a region scale network technology that carries multiple tecnologies, like 2G,3G,4G,5G, WiFi, LoRa, TETRA and more.

OmniNET provides a unique business model to make both commercial and community network approaches possible for last mile internet access, as well as IoT (internet of things, controllers, gateways, sensors and actuators).

The Network as a Service business model ensures a quality network which meets ongoing demand, while maintaining high levels of connection quality and speed.

On this network new communication technologies are implemented by deploying “apps” on its nodes (known as “multi-points”). This network offers distributed (edge) computing and self-healing capabilities. It even monitors itself to enable continuous upgrades to meet changing demand. The expansion is done by adding more nodes in optimally calculated locations.

See our OmniNET brochure
& full description of OmniNET

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